Art Print "Moin"

"Moin" is the perfect art print for all Hamburg fans ♥

Moin moin Hamburg, my pearl
I like you so much your people,
Your beauty, so beautiful (beautiful)
Moin moin Hamburg, your streets
Good water, what a harbour
And in a hundred years I won't be leaving you

The "Blackmoon" art prints can be combined with each other and are also a perfect gift for any occasion because of their meaningful quotes, which always have a positive message.

Attention: The picture frame is not part of the offer.

✘ Format: DIN A4 (21,0 x 29,7 cm)
✘ 350g natural paper from sustainable forestry
✘ Printed on one side with gold foil

✘ Designed by Blackmoon for Real Passionates


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