Behind the brand

Heart on fire, with passion for paper.

Real Passionates was founded by Ariane Janisch in 2016. Before that, she worked for many years in world-renowned advertising agencies, but has always dreamed of developing her own brand and own products without anyone else's rules. Paper and print have always been one of her passions and part of her work.

who we do it for

For the Journal Keepers, List Makers, Game Changers, Rule Breakers, Adventure Seekers, Fire Starters, Perfection Fuckers, Dream Chasers, Thought Leaders - For the Real Passionates

what we do

Organise your everyday life in style.

Clever, stylish, luxurious stationery. Designs with gold and silver finishes combined with high-quality materials turn everyday stationery such as calendars, planners, guest books or notebooks, writing pads, pens or pencils into timeless decorative highlights.

We pay special attention to the materials used with all of our products. For example, the colour, grammage and feel of the paper must be consistent with each individual product and its design. All products are designed by us, in part elaborately handmade, refined and additionally personalised on request.

Why we do it

Because attractive things work better!

We spend most of the day at work and our daily environment influences our mood, productivity and creativity. That's why we should feel comfortable at our workplace and surround ourselves with beautiful things. 

Our products help to organise the daily office madness, but above all they make your office life more beautiful.