Notebook "Amor Manet", A5, Red/Gold

€21,90 €24,90
"Tempus fugit, Amor manet" is Latin and means time passes, love remains forever! Our new beautiful notebook in red with gold embossing - a definite eye catcher for every desk and/or handbag when on the go.

✘ Colour: red with gold embossing
✘ Format: DIN A5 (dimensions: 21.0 x 14.8 cm)
✘ Contents: 160 lined pages
✘ Paper: High quality white 100 g/m² natural paper
✘ Thread binding for completely flat lay when open
✘ Extras: rubber closure, bookmark and a slip pocket at the end
✘ Hot foil embossing on coated textile (vegan imitation leather with fabric look, very soft)
✘ Designed with love by Real Passionates

To make our products even more individual for you, we also offer you the option to customise your notebook. This can be a name, initials or a short text of your choice. Perfect for personalising your product or as a personal gift!

✘ Font: Times New Roman [18pt] approx. 5 mm high, max. 20 characters
✘ Special characters, umlauts and accented letters are not possible.

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