Magnetic Poster Mount for Art Prints, White, A1

Magnetic wooden poster hanger in white. Hang your prints, posters and artwork quickly and easily with these minimalist poster strips. Super strong small magnets hold your poster securely in place but leave no marks on the paper.

✘ Suitable for your Real Passionates Art Print in DIN A1 (61 x 3 x 2 cm).

✘ Universal: Simply hang with the cotton rope or remove the rope and attach to the wall with just 2 screws or double-sided adhesive tape.

✘ The magnetic poster frame consists of 4 wooden strips with embedded magnets. The magnetic strips clamp the upper and lower part of the poster. The top strip simply hangs from the attached string or can be screwed to the wall for a permanent frame.

✘ The bottom strip is not attached to the wall, but holds the bottom of the print in place and acts as a weight.

✘ Hanger only, no print included.

The magnetic strip is also available in black.


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